Miriam Adeney
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Miriam directs the program in bookwriting for Asia, Africa, and Latin America writers through Regent College, Vancouver, Canada. Presently she is providing editorial guidance for writers of 70 different book projects around the world.                         

She specializes in helping church leaders and theologians write for publication. She has written six books, including the just-released Kingdom Without Borders: The untold story of global Christianity (InterVarsity Press), and numerous articles.

Miriam is associate professor of Global and Urban Ministries at Seattle Pacific University and editor-at-large for Christianity Today International. Miriam also serves on the MAI Board and on publishing advisory boards on several continents. 


As in past years, this year's speakers will include several well-known Arab writers and editors, names to be confirmed at a later date.


Past speakers have included:

  Stephen & Alice Lawhead

Stephen Lawhead is an internationally acclaimed author of mythic history and imaginative fiction. He was born in 1950, in Nebraska in the USA. His early life was lived in America where he earned a university degree in Fine Arts and attended theological seminary for two years.

His first professional writing was done at Campus Life magazine in Chicago, where he was an editor and staff writer. During his five years at Campus Life he wrote hundreds of articles and several non-fiction books.

After a brief and unsuccessful foray into the music business—as president of his own record company—he launched his free-lance career in 1981. In the Hall of the Dragon King was his first novel.

In 1986 the Lawhead family moved to Britain so that Stephen could conduct research for the PENDRAGON CYCLE books. They settled there permanently in 1990, with some years spent living in Austria and a sabbatical in the United States.

In addition to his twenty-four novels, he has written nine children's books, many of them originally offered to his two sons, Drake and Ross. He is married to Alice Slaikeu Lawhead, with whom he has collaborated on books and articles. They make their home in Oxford, England.

Stephen's non-fiction, fiction and children's titles have variously been published in twenty-four foreign languages. He has won numerous industry awards, and in 2003 was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters by the University of Nebraska.

Alice Lawhead is a writer in her own right and now serves on the board of Lion Hudson.



John Maust

John Maust has been president of Media Associates International (MAI) since 1998, after more than 20 years’ experience as an editor and journalist. He worked 10 years as editor of the award-winning magazine, Latin America Evangelist, and worked for four years in Peru as a journalist. Previously, he was assistant news editor of Christianity Today magazine and editor of a community newspaper in Indiana. John has authored three books related to the church in Latin America: Cities of Change, Peace and Hope in the Corner of the Dead and New Song in the Andes.


Daoud Kuttab

Daoud Kuttab is a Palestinian journalist and media activist. He is the former Ferris Professor of Journalism at Princeton University. Daoud Kuttab is currently the director general of Community Media Network (CMN) a not for profit media organization dedicated to advancing independent media in the Arab region. CMN is registered in Jordan and Palestine and administers Radio al Balad in Amman, Pen Media in Ramallah and www.ammannet.net (on cyberspace).

Born in Jerusalem in 1955, Kuttab studied in the United States and has been working in journalism ever since 1980. He has worked in the Arabic print press (Al-Fajr, Al-Quds and Assinara) before moving to the audio visual field. He established and presided over the Jerusalem Film Institute in the 90s. In 1995 he helped establish the Arabic Media Internet Network (AMIN), a censorship-free Arab web site www.amin.org.  He established and has headed between 1996 until 2007 the Institute of Modern Media at Al-Quds University. In 1997 he partially moved to Amman (because of family tragedy and remarriage) and in 2000 established the Arab world's first internet radio station AmmanNet (www.ammannet.net). Mr. Kuttab is active in media freedom efforts in the Middle East. He is a regular columnist for the Jordan Times, The Jerusalem Post and the Daily Star in Lebanon. He has co-produced a number of award winning documentaries and children's television programs. His op-ed columns have appeared in the NY Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Daily Telegraph and Shimbum Daily in Tokyo. He has received a number of international awards among them the CPJ Freedom of Expression Award, the IPI World Press Freedom Hero, PEN Club USA Writing Freedom Award and the Leipzeg Courage in Freedom Award. He is a regular columnist on Huffington Post and the Washington Post’s Post Global blog.


Dr. Riad Kassis

Dr. Riad Kassis is an author, scholar, pastor and Christian statesman. He has served as executive director of the Johann Ludwig Schneller School in West Bekaa, Lebanon. He was also a scholar with Langham Partnership International (known as John Stott Ministries in the U.S.) and wrote Why Don’t We Read the Book That Christ Read? Towards a Better Understanding of the Old Testament (Beirut: Clarion Publishing 2008).

 “Rev. Dr. Riad Kassis is an example of a believing Christian scholar who, on the one hand, has a distinguished academic wealth and on the other hand carries the burdens of his fellow Arab Christians. “ (Rev. Eng. Atef Gendy, President-Evangelical Presbyterian Seminary, Cairo, Egypt)

 Dr. Kassis has also served as Overseas Council Middle East/Central Europe Regional Director and has written several articles for Christianity Today including “The Colors of Lebanon: What would real peace mean?”, "A 'Prayer' to Condoleezza Rice" and "The Silent Human Conscience."



Dr. Ghassan Khalaf


ABTS’ former president, Ghassan Khalaf, is a Professor of Biblical Studies and holds several graduate degrees including a Ph.D. from Evangelical Theological Faculty, Leuven, Belgium.  His areas of specialization include New Testament, Ethics, Hermeneutics and Greek Language.

He has written several reference texts such as The Greek-Arabic New Testament Concordance, Lebanon in the Bible, The Syntactic Meanings of the Adnominal Genitive in the Pauline Corpus and Jesus and Judas, as well as several other Christian books and biographies.  Recently he published The Art of Preaching in partnership between Arab Baptist Theological Seminary and Dar Manhal Al Hayat publishing house.

He has also served as translator and editor for several New Testament Greek to Arabic translation projects such as A Handbook to the Bible (Lions).


Dr. Awsam Wasfi

Dr. Awsam has a bachelor's degree in pre-medicine, and a master's degree in psychiatric and neurological diseases. He has been practicing since 1992 in the fields of psychotherapy, counseling and addictions rehabilitation, and has lectured in a number of Arab countries in these areas of study as well.

He is the founder of a number of programs, including one which supports mental health and recovery and one with a focus on educating teenagers. In 2005, he started The Healing Love Program to offer hope to homosexuals. Dr. Awsam also serves as the regional representative for the largest global association working with homosexuals. The association offers occasional advice to the Arab Region AIDS program of the UNDP (United Nations).

Dr. Awsam is married, lives in Cairo, and has a sixteen year-old daughter and a thirteen year-old son.

He has been writing books since 2004, including, ‘‘صحَّة العلاقات’’(Healthy Relationships), ‘‘الروحانيَّة والتعافي’’(Spirituality and Recovery'), ‘‘القلب الواعي’’ (The Conscious Heart), ‘‘مهارات المشورة’’ (Counselling Skills), ‘‘مهارات الحياة’’ (Life Skills) as well as the 12-booklet series “180 Degrees” for youth and youth workers, produced by Ophir Publishers between 2008-2011.