Why Write?
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As recent events in the Arab world have demonstrated, it is essential that the people have a voice.  When that sound is heard it can change history!

The role of the media—whether electronic or hard copy—isn’t just to report on what has happened.  Rather, it plays a crucial part in informing and shaping public opinion. The tragic thing is that the Christian voice in this part of the world is often absent from the media, yet it is one that holds a valuable perspective for the world to hear.

Our third writers’ workshop will focus on writing in light of the Arab Spring and other challenges facing our region..  What do we, as believers, want to say in these times?  How can the Church stay relevant and engaged in our societies with all the change and uncertainty that characterize life today?  How can our writing encourage, empower and equip the Church to be salt and light?

If you are an Arab who writes in Arabic, check out our 3rd Advanced Writers Workshop, to be held in Beirut, December 3-8, 2013.